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"My First Post"

Posted on 6/18/2011 by André Pires

I thought I would never do this, but here I am with my first post on a blog of my own. I was tired of disturbing other bloggers and decided to find out what it takes to write and receive comments (or being ignored) ... Let's see what happens! :)

Hello everyone!
My name is Andre Pires, from Jundiai - São Paulo Jundiaí, living in Vitória-ES.
I’ve been a software developer for many years and now I work as the manager of the development department and as an MCT (Microsoft Certified Trainer) at Mindworks, a Brazilian company that I'm proud of being a partner of.
I consider this occasion as "a very special one", because it is the first time I'm writing something on a blog of my own instead of disturbing other blogger’s lives! :)
It may not be a big event in the context of the Internet, but for me it is something I never thought I would do... You know... People change and, apparently, I burned my tongue!
Since this is my first post, I will keep it short, with a simple introduction about what I want to achieve with this new venture ...
The idea is simple, as well as the motivation behind the "event":
They say I'm good at what I do…
So, I think I can contribute with my experience and maybe with a few lessons.
My goal here is to talk about technology. More specifically, about software development.
I will try to expose my thoughts, ideas, help, tips and everything I find interesting and useful to the global community of developers.
What motivates me to do this is the simple fact that I know that my area of ​​expertise is lacking in talented professionals and that we, as developers, are the ones who can contribute with something that can improve our profession.
I promise that I will try to find ways to be moderate and that I will try to post something useful daily on this blog. I don’t know if I will be able to do so, but... 

Remember that the promise comprises only to the attempt... ;)
See you in my next post!



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